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Welcome. I was recently asked if I could please put the 8 Proven Strategies To Maximize Trade Marketing ROI And Increase Brand Awareness on the podcast, last weeks free webinar. So, while I don't put every single free webinar on YouTube or on the podcast this one I decided to make an exception because it got a lot of great feedback from people people asking me to make it available and because there's so much great information. And the best part is a really cool tool you want to check out. So today's free downloadable guide is actually that tool.

I always include one free downloadable guide for you that you can inside up and make your own. One that you can use to grow sustainable sales. Well, this week my free gift to you is the Trade Promotion ROI Calculator and you can get there by going to my website and don't worry there are instructions on how to use it. So, now you have the ability to go in and measure the effectiveness of your promotions. This is one of the core things I talked about are today's free webinar, today's podcast. And in all honesty you're probably still going to want to go check out the YouTube video when you get an opportunity. But for those people who are really busy on the go all the time, this is a great way to consume the valuable insights that I shared on the webinar.

Remember the goal here is to get your product under more shelves and into the hands of more shoppers and a big part of that is by helping you more effectively manage your promotional budget. More effectively helping you identify who your target customers is, and how you can avoid the wasteful trade spending that every brand deals with - even the big brands. If you like the podcast do me a favor share it with a friend and help me raise the bar in this industry. Now here's the live webinar recording.

I really appreciate your being here for making time. This is why do this. To help out and to give back. You can learn more about this tool on the podcast web page and get the podcast show notes at And while you're there, don't forget to check out the new free Trade Promotion ROI Calculator and the free webinars series. You'll get the complete calendar on the events page of my website. Thank you for listening and I look forward to seeing you

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