Have you ever had a song stuck in your head – one you can’t stop singing? That should be the goal for your brand’s messaging. It needs to stick in the minds of shoppers and it needs to be so compelling that it becomes contagious.  

We are all fascinated by what makes a video or a message go viral. What was their secret sauce? 

There are a lot of brands that have an iconic jingle or message that we can not get out our heads. Have you ever played the game where someone hums or sings a couple of bars of a jingle and people guess the product? Many people who were not alive when the brand launched the campaign actually know the jingle.  

Your selling story is an extension of your brand. It needs to be memorable and it needs to be compelling. 

Few brands are able to fully tap into our psyche with viral messaging. This is primarily because few brands really know who their ideal customer is. I don’t mean female, 2 kids, etc. What makes them tick and what makes them unique from your competitor’s customers?

Brands need to really know who their ideal customers are. Similar to the way you know your best friend, what inspires them, what keeps them up at night, etc.  

Shoppers want to matter. They want to feel important and they want to be listened to. They want brands that speak to them on their level and where they are at. Shoppers want brands that treat them as though your universe revolves around them.

The more personalized your messaging, the more it will resonate with your customers. The more it resonates with them, the better chance you have of it going viral. This is how you get your brand on more retailer’s shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.      

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