There is no substitute for the authentic wisdom a subject matter expert can provide when it comes to accelerating sustainable brand sales & profits. True expert advice includes robust life experiences not found in a textbook. Advice that is priceless.  

Welcome. I talk about business strategy on this podcast a lot, and I also invite a lot of my guest, including CEOs and thought leaders in the industry, to help share their thoughts around the subject. Today’s podcast episode is no different. Today’s podcast episode is focused on helping you get your products on more store shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. Your business strategy is so critically important. It’s your roadmap to success and nowhere is it more important than in categories where you’re disrupting the category, where you’re doing something different than everyone else. Let me explain.

Today’s show focuses on plant-based. One of the challenges that we run into, a lot of brands that are in the plant-based area, is that retailers, brokers, and distributors don’t know what to do with these products or how to merchandise them. The point is this. Using the traditional strategies, the cookie-cutter strategies that most people apply are not going to differentiate you from your competition. This is where the value, the real value of knowledge and experience comes into play even more important than probably any other category. 

This is where you get what you pay for. Instead of relying on someone who read a book or someone who’s got a little bit of experience in the area, this is where you need a lot of help and expertise to help you help your retail partner drive sustainable sales to your product and other like products in the category. This is exactly why this podcast exists. This is exactly why I put out the content that I do, to help give you strategies that everyone else overlooks, to scale and grow your brand, to help you stand out on a crowded shelf. Let me explain.

Shoppers today hate scavenger hunts. Have you ever had a difficult time finding an item that you like within certain stores? For example, in the mainstream stores in my neighborhood, if you want to buy a lot of the natural organic products, well, obviously you need to go to the baking aisle. Now, while it might sound that I’m just being sarcastic, the reality is that this is where most of the natural organic products live in most mainstream stores in my neighborhood. From my perspective, a huge mistake on the part of the retailer. As a shopper, I’m going to compare like items so that I can choose the products that best meet my needs. I want to be able to easily compare vegan cheese to regular cheese, plant-based meat to regular meat, and so on. 

The best part about this is is the natural organic, plant-based, et cetera, items are the ones that are driving sustainable says across to every category. This is why it’s critically important that you be an expert in this area and then you’ll hire and surround yourself with people that can help you make the difference. This is the focus of this podcast episode. Working with experts that can help you help your retail partner understand how they can leverage your brand to grow sustainable sales and profits in their store if it’s merchandised correctly so that it makes it easier for the consumers to find the products. In order to do this effectively, you need a well-thought-out, compelling, fact-based story as to why the retailer should merchandise your products next to their mainstream counterparts, their non-plant-based products. 

At the end of the day, remember, retailers generically don’t make anything. They sell real estate in the form of the space that your product takes up on their shelf. Retailers want three things, more traffic in their store, a reasonable profit, and a competitive advantage in their market. If you can help them achieve their objectives, then savvy retailers might reward you with incremental merchandising opportunities, incremental promotions, and an equal seat at the table when discussing brand strategy or category strategy. This is where you become much more than just another product on a retailer’s shelf. Instead, you become a valued and trusted and respected resource to your retail partner. 

Trust me, the payoff here can be huge as some of the stories that I’ve shared on a different podcast episode, and this gets back to having a real expert, a knowledgeable expert to help you help guide the retailer to where your products need to be merchandised. This all begins with you becoming an expert in your brand and in the consumer that buys your brand. That’s what this episode is about. Today, we’re talking about plant-based products and how to maximize each and every selling opportunity with plant-based products. 

Now, this also works for gluten-free and other attributes as well, so everyone is going to want to stay tuned.

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