You can learn a lot from big brands when it comes to process and strategy. The frameworks they adopt and use have proven to be instrumental in their success. They are the foundation you need to have in place to grow sustainable sales tomorrow and beyond.

Welcome and thank you for tuning in today. We talk a lot about branding and marketing on this podcast for a lot of good reasons. The most important is that being able to understand who your core customer is and being able to cater to them, help them get what they need, help them understand the benefit of your product is, this is the first step in aligning your product with the customer that wants to buy your products.

Now the reason this all matters is because when you talk about branding and marketing and sales, those are three different functions that have to be closely intertwined. Let me explain. When you think about branding, branding is your persona or your brand’s avatar. What do you stand for? What’s important to you? How does your brand align with the message that you’re trying to convey to the customer? Marketing, how do you communicate that brand message to your customers, to retailers, et cetera? And then sales, that’s the execution piece. How do you execute that message? How do you communicate that message to the end customer?

One of the things that I find is that younger brands, smaller brands, and actually, even the bigger brands, struggle with truly understanding how consumers use their products. Now, you may think intuitively you know exactly what consumers want, but I’ll give you an example of what I mean. There is an energy bar that we like that we frequently grind up and eat it as though it’s granola. By adding milk, we have it with breakfast, we mix it with yogurt so it makes a nice snack, and sometimes my wife even uses it as a pie crust. My point is this, that is not ideally what the founder of the company thinks about when they think about how people use their products. As a side note, the founder is a friend so I’m going to tell him next time I see him.

But my point is this, I talk to a lot of brands who think they know who their ideal customer is and how their ideal customer uses their product, but that’s not always true. The more you can understand and know about the customer that buys your product, the easier it’s going to be to align with what they’re looking for to make sure that your product connects with them, connects with what’s important to them. That’s the focus of this podcast episode is teaching you the skills to help you align your product with that customer that wants to buy it. More importantly, how do you communicate the value of your product to any customer that might be looking for the solution that you provide?

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