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Advanced Business Strategy Training

Advanced Business Strategy Training

Successful brands rely heavily on advanced business strategies like category management.  Category management is the art and science of aligning your products with loyal committed shoppers.  This is how you gain a significant competitive advantage while boosting sales and profits!

Category management is the great equalizer.  It’s advanced business strategies will enable you to compete toe-to-toe with the most sophisticated big brands.  Learn the tips, tricks, and strategies the big brands use.

Most brands rely on what I call “push button category management” one size fits all, canned topline reports.  While they are a great starting place, they will not help you stand out from the competition.  Retailers want more than the same basic reports they get from all of the other brands. They want actionable insights focused on helping them grow category sales and shopper loyalty.

Service Benefits

This innovative training program is for the entrepreneur or professional looking to become proficient in advanced business strategies and industry best practices used by the most successful brands. Those brands rely heavily on advanced category management which leverages the retailer sales data, consumer/shopper data, and cutting edge technology to grow sustainable sales and profits.  Learn how to out-perform the “big brands” and standout on the shelf!

Significantly compress your learning curve while you learn the strategies that grow sales and profits while giving customers what they want.  Gain skills that will help you identify creative solutions to overcome sales, distribution, trade spending, and merchandising challenges allowing you to compete more effectively in any channel and any economy.

  • Save valuable time and money with creative problem solving strategies that grow sales – Profit from strategies that get results without wasting valuable time limited insights
  • Achieve measurable results that increase profits – Walk away with the strategies that dramatically improve sales management and trade spending forecasting accuracy
  • Gain greater customer exposure with incremental sales and distribution opportunities – Quality distribution is the key to increasing sales and profits.  Most brands have spotty distribution and/or the wrong mix of products.  You need to have your best sellers available on every shelf in every store.  Many brands unintentionally cannibalize their sales and dilute their brand by merchandising slower sellers in-place of the items shoppers want
  • Make better decisions using actionable insights – Identify key trends and actionable insights that will help improve your selling story.  All brands share the same tired canned reports with retailers.  Savvy retailers want and appreciate brands who can help them grow sales and increase shopper loyalty
  • Close sales with impactful presentations – Clear communication is the key to an effective selling message.  Rarely is your selling story consistently communicated across your entire sales organization or your sales funnel. Get greater results from your entire sales team, including your broker, by insuring they are all on the same page communicating a consistent effective selling story to every retailer and every store

What To Expect

Walk away with the strategies, tips, tricks, and solutions used by the most sophisticated big brands plus much more.  Advanced category management will set you apart from your competition and help you take a leadership role in the category.  It will deliver profitable strategies that grow sales and help get your brand in the hands of more shoppers.

How It Works

  • We will first talk by phone to discuss your training needs, your current situation, and to evaluate your level of knowledge of category management strategies, tools, and solutions. This usually takes 30 to 60 minutes
  • Next I will create a custom training program to address your goals along with my recommendations.  This typically takes place during our initial conversation
  • With an agreed upon set of objectives in writing, we then discuss your availability and preferred learning style: onsite in-person, by phone, online, etc.
  • We then get stated working together.  When possible we will use live projects you are working on.  If this is not the case, I will provide mock projects that address your learning objectives and needs
  • This process can take from a week to several months depending on your availability, your preferred learning style, and the skills you wish to develop.  Most clients choose to break their training into bite-size modules delivered in intervals.  This is ideal because it allows you to become proficient in a skill needed for a future lesson
  • Your satisfaction is my top priority.  Learning is an on-going process.  I work with beginners as well as established professionals looking to hone their skills and take them to the next level

The Details

Your training is hands-on and geared to your specific needs.  This is not a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all program. You gain the skills required to meet and exceed your objectives – at your pace. More importantly, you only pay for the skills you need to learn and nothing more.

Retainer: Sometimes beginners don’t know which skills they need to effectively grow sales and profits.  I recommend we begin with a ten hour retainer. This gives me an opportunity to better understand and assess your situation along with your current and future training needs.  I will then recommend a program and provide you with the estimate of the time required to achieve that objective.

On-site: Having me at your location is a great cost effective way to develop your entire team. This also gives me a better understanding of your current situation allowing me to be a more effective coach.

Custom: I work with you to find the best solution, or combination of solutions, to fit your training and development needs.

I will discuss my fees during your free 30 minute initial consultation.


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