Category reviews are expected by most retailers. They are one of the most underutilized opportunities to differentiate your brand and explode sales. It begins with a collaborative retailer brand relationship/partnership. Maximize every opportunity!

Welcome. You worked hard to create a product that will disrupt the category, that will change the way people think about food. You’ve literally put all your love, attention, and energy into building a product that everyone’s going to love and you’re sure of it. You finally managed to gain retail distribution, but now what? Sadly, for a lot of brands, they think that this is where the selling stops. This is actually where the selling really begins. In other words, once you get your product onto a retailer shelf, now the challenge is, how do you get it off the retailer shelf and into the hands of more shoppers? This is where retailers start paying close attention to your brand to see how well you perform. And when I say perform, I’m talking about your ability to drive sales in the category and, more importantly, your brand’s ability to drive profitable shoppers into the retail store.

Let me frame it this way. You’re helping the retailer get what they want, more shoppers in their store, a reasonable profit, and more growth in the category. Brands that are able to do this are the brands that retailers are going to work with, the brands that the retailers are going to want to help support and help drive sales with. This goes back to the category review strategies. Category reviews are something that every brand has to participate in, and most retailers expect them.

So what is a category review? Think of a category review in the same way that you think of a checkup. When you go see your doctor on an annual basis, they’ll check your blood, weight, blood pressure, listen to your heart, review your medications, etc.  A category review is essentially the same thing. It’s an assessment of how your brand is performing on the retailer shelf. It’s a review or an assessment of the category and how much you’re doing to contribute to drive sales in the category and bring more shoppers into their store.

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