Standing out on a crowded shelf is difficult for any brand. Disruptive brands find creative ways to gain distribution outside traditional categories. Even more impactful is capturing the shopper’s attention when they first enter the store.

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Today’s story is about how someone took a family recipe and turned it into a thriving business and how they carved out a unique niche within the retail store, how they were able to get the retailer to help support the growth of their brand. And the reason they did it, the way they did it, was by providing tremendous value, tremendous additional value beyond other brands. They saw an opportunity to help the retailers add profitable dollars to a category that needed a little more flavor, a category that was the gateway to the rest of the store.

Today’s story is about how a young brand saw an opportunity to create a whole new thriving category, a category that was eventually copied by a lot of other brands. They say that the best form of flattery is to have your product copied. What you’re going to hear here in this episode is how this brand innovates to constantly stay ahead of the competition, to constantly remind the retailer that they’re different, that they’re a value-added product on the shelves.

Here’s Vincent with Dang Foods.

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