Standing out on a crowded shelf by redefining the category with creative packaging and cleaned up ingredients. Advanced strategies that enhance your selling story to rise above the competition, including in mainstream. Make your mission your priority.

Welcome. I really appreciate you listening to this podcast. This podcast is about you and it’s for you. If you’ve been listening for a while you know, that at the end of every episode, I give my guest an opportunity to ask me a question. I help them try to solve their most pressing problem, your most pressing problem. Sometimes this means that the podcast extends over an hour. And while I apologize for the length, the insights are invaluable. Where else do you have access to the leading thought leaders in our industry? Nowhere. This is the only place that you can get free access to all of your leading industry thought leaders, as well as advice to how grow your brand sustainably. If you like the podcast, share it with a friend, subscribe, and leave a review. Remember, this podcast is about you and it’s for you.

Today’s story is fantastic. I didn’t want to end it prematurely. We talked about how does a brand stand out, on a shelf, and more importantly, how does a small brand compete head to head, toe to toe, with some of the largest players in the industry? Both in natural and in mainstream. We talked about strategies to level the playing field between small brands and their largest, most sophisticated competitors. This is definitely an episode you’re going to want to listen to, in its entirety. 

Today’s podcast is about a disruptive brand that’s radically changing the category that they play in. Yes, there are other competitors that have been in the category for longer than they have, but what they’re doing is they’re making a commitment to dramatically change the way consumers think about food. Not only are their products different from their competition, but they stand out on the shelf, thanks to the iconic bottle that they use. As you learn more about this brand, you’re definitely gonna be a fan. They’ve got a great story. A story that’s gonna resonate with you.

Now here’s Greg Steltenpohl, with Califia Farms.

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