Meeting your customer’s needs is critical to every brand’s success. LOHAS consumers are the most valuable customers – they don’t settle, they have high standards, they choose authentic quality over price, they support the environment, farmers, communities.

Welcome! If you’ve been reading or listening to any of my content including this podcast, you hear me talk about LOHAS, the importance and relevance of this consumer. They are the one at the center driving all of the sustainable sales across every category. They’re like the ripple in the pond and by paying attention to that ripple before it becomes a tsunami and ends up on a big box retailer shelf, that’s where the opportunity is for you to grow sales. This is your unique opportunity to differentiate yourself and stand out on the crowded shelf. This is your chance to help educate the retailer on why your customers matter to them and why they help you drive sales within their store. Let’s face it, retail is pay to play.  Most small brands just don’t have the velocity or deep pockets to really justify being able to compete head-to-head and toe-to-toe with the big guys when you focus solely on using traditional methodologies.  Here’s your opportunity because your customers are far more valuable to the retailer than any of the other big brands that are on their shelves. This is your unique opportunity to help your retailer differentiate themselves within their market. This is where it’s important to bake that story strategy into your selling story. This is why I released the Turnkey Sales Story Strategy course. This is at the heart of it. This is how you craft a compelling story to help the retailer compete more effectively by catering to that unique consumer that you attract. Remember that this show is about you and it’s for you. My mission and the mission of this show is to help make our healthier way of life more accessible by getting your products onto more retailers shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. What better way to do this than to be able to share insider secrets with you, from the expert about LOHAS. The person who not only walks the walk but actually helps educate others about the importance of the LOHAS consumer. Here’s today’s special guest, Ted Ning formally of LOHAS and now with Bodhi Tree and NatchCom.

Here’s Ted Ning formally of LOHAS and now with Bodhi Tree and NatchCom.

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