Your brand needs to be available where people shop. That includes online. Effective online strategies can also drive incremental sales in traditional stores. Amazon propels brand growth. The right strategy can add rocket fuel to your sales and profits.

Welcome. I want to begin by saying Happy New Year. I hope that your last year was great, and I hope that you have even bigger plans for this year. The focus of this show is to help you get your products onto more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. That includes both online and traditional retail shoppers. I measure the success of this show by how well you’re able to implement these strategies and make them your own.

Today’s show is no exception. Today you’re going to learn the benefit and the power of having a solid online strategy to help fuel your growth, both online and in traditional retail. You need to have your products available where your consumers want to shop and consumers have a variety of places to shop. So you can’t just be in one location, one place, or one type of retail store. More importantly, you need to have a solid single unified message as you’re communicating with all of the different customers that buy your products. Both online and in traditional retail.

Today’s podcast helps you understand how to leverage your selling story to ensure that your consumers can find your products no matter where they shop. A big piece of that is inviting new shoppers to try your product. And that requires that you have a clear message so that they can clearly understand what it is about your product that differentiate you from the competition. And it all starts with a compelling selling story that helps them understand why you. Why your product over the competition. Why should they try you? Why should they give you an opportunity? This begins with your ability to communicate clearly everything about your product in a voice that resonates with the shopper that wants to find your product.

When you do this effectively, it helps every retailer sell your product on your behalf. While today’s story is focused primarily on online selling, the strategies that you’re going to hear here today are also very useful, extremely useful, in traditional retail. This includes the way you fill out your profile online so that consumers can learn everything that they need to know about your product. It includes how you fill out your profile. Or how you communicate the value the proposition on your website. Through every social channel. Anywhere where you’re having a conversation with a customer or potential customer. This also includes how you communicate the value of your package on the shelf at a traditional retail store. This all matters.

I met today’s guest at Natchcom a few months ago. We were both speaking there. Jeff was one of the most articulate people I’ve ever listen to give a talk. He had some great information and he’s here to share it with you today. Here’s Jeff Cohen with Seller Labs

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