The blueprint to growing a successful brand includes 9 important foundational elements brands cannot afford to overlook. They are the building blocks that help brands get their products onto more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.

Every architect or contractor knows that the strength of any building lies in the foundation that it rest on. Tall buildings have foundations that go well under the ground many, many feet. Even a house has a sturdy foundation underneath it. Buildings in California need to have a special foundation that’s earthquake resistant. The point is this, every brand just like every building needs to be built on a sturdy foundation. The strength of your foundation dictates how long your brand is going to be around, for weeks, days, months, years, decades or even longer. The strength of your brand also dictates how well it’s going to handle a seismic event.

For example, not being able to fulfill an order or losing distribution in a major retailer. Seismic events like this can be real and even bankrupt a small brand. This is exactly why I wanted to invite Tim Forrest to come on the podcast today. He’s sharing with you his nine pillars of success. Just like every sturdy building, its foundation or its pillars is what helps the brand remain sturdy against any adversity or seismic event. Tim’s nine pillars for food company success include all the things that you need to be thinking about each and every time you call on a retailer, develop, and launch, and promote a new product or gain distribution in another channel.

Stay tuned because Tim has an exciting resource that he’s making available exclusively for you. You’ll learn more about it at the end of the podcast. Before I go any further, I want to remind you that there’s a free downloadable guide for you at the end of most every episode of my podcast. I always try to include one easy to download, quick to digest strategy that you can instantly adapt and make your own, one that you can use to grow sustainable sales and compete more effectively. Remember, the goal here is to help you get your product on more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. I appreciate you listening. If you like the podcast, share it with a friend, subscribe, and leave a review. Now, here’s Tim Forrest.

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