Shoppers want what they want and they want to feel good about the products they buy. This includes not only what’s in your package but the packaging itself. Shoppers want packaging that reflects their values and their commitment to reducing climate change. This includes reducing packaging waste. The sad reality is that most recyclable packaging ends up in landfills. 

Canada today banned single-use packaging today (by 2021). Reducing packaging waste is at the heart of most climate initiatives. 

Shoppers vote with their dollars. Brands and retailers need to pay attention if they want to remain relevant. 

Packaging is more than just the container you put your product in. It should also amplify your brand message. It should help sell your band. Packaging can be very confusing. It requires an expert who can simplify what you need to know so you can make the best decisions for your brand and your customers.

This week’s podcast episode is focused on answering your most pressing questions about packaging: SECRETS 130 Compostable Packaging Solutions To Reduce Packaging Pollution With Carl Joachim And Dustin Steerman From ePac Flexible Packaging 

You can learn more about compostable and sustainable packaging on two additional podcasts and in these complementary free mini-courses: 

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