Have you ever wondered how things are made? We are all extremely curious but few truly understand where their food comes from and how it’s grown. Produce is the primary building blocks of all we consume. Better ingredients equal better quality and taste.

As an industry, we do a really good job of communicating the value of our product, this simple product. But I think one of the things that makes natural, natural is being able to break food down into its individual component. What I’m talking about here are the ingredients. What are the ingredients in your product? What’s unique about them? How do they differentiate your product from other brands, et cetera? More importantly, how did those products align with the missions and the values of the consumers that you’re building your product for?

It’s one thing to say that your brand is either natural, non-GMO or something like that. It’s an entirely different thing to be able to stand behind your label and say that our product only uses regenerative agriculture. To be able to say that not only is your product gluten-free but it’s also allergy-free, and then to be able to stand behind that. My point is this, as an industry, we’re creating products that consumers want to know, like, and trust. If they can align their mission, their values, your consumer’s values, align with the values of the founder of the brand itself, then that increases the connection that your product makes with the consumers that are going to buy your product. 

More importantly, it also increases the trust and the authenticity that people have for your brand, the belief, the perception that customers have. This translates into a significant, competitive advantage. That needs to be celebrated in the industry. More importantly, this is a competitive advantage that you need to be able to leverage with retailers. In other words, how do you help the retailer understand the value of your product beyond the four corners of your package? You do that by being able to communicate everything we’ve just talked about.

That’s what this podcast episode is about. The reason I started with breaking down the ingredients is that I believe that the produce section is the gateway to the entire store. In other words, when you look at the ingredient panel on almost any package out there that has some ingredient that can be tied back to the produce section with any retailer. This is precisely where I think the conversation needs to begin. The conversation helps introduce your product to your customer to be able to show them what’s in your product and this is how again, you stand out on a crowded shelf, by demonstrating your values and clearly communicating and articulating your mission to the end consumer.

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