Most marketers and sales experts focus on “target customers”. The key thing to remember is that people don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. In fact, brands that personalize their messaging in a way that speaks directly to the human that buys your products build a one-on-one relationship that extends beyond the sale. We tend to forget that there is a person on the other side of each transition. It’s easy to commoditize our customers needs and wants. This is the achilles heal of mainstream brands. It’s imperative that we do not fall into that trap. This is what makes natural natural!  

This week's podcast (episode 102) is dedicated to helping you focus on what matters most, the human who buys your products. We need to ensure that our products are available where our customers shop. The shopper journey is where we build an intimate relationship with our shoppers. This is where they begin to trust us. This how you convert occasional customers into loyal evangelists that are eager to share their compelling stories with their communities. 

The real value of any brand to a retailer is the community that is committed to you, your products, your mission, and your success by supporting you on store shelves. This can be the greatest source of leverage for your brand when negotiating for premium shelf placement, distribution, or promotions. This is how a brand becomes more than just another package on a retailer’s shelf. This is how you get your products onto more retailers shelves and into the hands or more shoppers – Empowering Brands | Raising The Bar!       

Empowering Brands | Raising The Bar

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