Food waste and recycling are both hot topics. A big part of that is reducing and then finding new uses for “waste”. Edible upcycling in an ingenious way to convert discarded bi-products and convert them into a new high fiber high protein food ingredient.

Welcome. Have you ever heard the term edible recycling? That’s what this podcast is about. A lot of people today are talking about food waste and reducing our impact on the environment and on the planet. This podcast features a lot of those conversations. Today is no different. Today we’re talking about edible upcycling. In other words, taking a product that was thought to be waste and then turning it into something useful.

Have you ever heard the story about those pressed logs, those fire logs? I think it’s a fascinating story, and it kind of helps frame this conversation. A lot of sawmills were just throwing away sawdust. They had no use for it, and actually, it was a fire hazard, and it was even a problem for them. Well, someone had the bright idea that if they took it, compressed it into a log, that it could be reused again as a log for a fireplace. Now that story is kind of old, but I remember it was one of the first times I heard about someone coming up with a creative new use for what people thought of as waste. Think about all the things people recycle today, cardboard, paper, you name it. Well, in addition to focusing on reducing the waste that we create, why not find a creative way to recycle other products, for example, the grain that comes out of a brewery or distillery?

My point is this, sometimes those products that we’re recycling have attributes or characteristics that are unique and different from anything in the market. That’s what today’s story is about, finding creative ways to reuse or repurpose, or better yet, edible upcycling a product that was thought to be waste. A product that has a lot of attributes and characteristics that are really unique, for example, higher in protein and higher in fiber. Think about all the products today that are trying to make a fiber or a protein claim. Well, here’s a creative solution to dramatically impact those products. In other words, have more protein and have more fiber than their traditional counterparts.

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