It’s impossible to hit a target you don’t aim for and yet that’s what most brands do. A well defined brand position can explode sales. Hear how Suzie NAILED her target and disrupted a category. Learn how you can do the same with the right resources.

Welcome. If you’ve been listening for a while, you routinely hear me talk about how I’ve had the privilege of mentoring and working with literally hundreds of brands. One of the biggest struggles that every brand faces is not having a solid go-to-market strategy, and that begins with your brand positioning. Let’s face it, just because your Mom likes it doesn’t mean that everyone else will, and I know that’s kind of flippant, but let me explain why this is so critically important. Here’s an analogy that’s going to help you understand this even better. Think about when you go to a salad bar, a dessert bar, or taco bar, any place where you have the opportunity to pick and choose what you want your meal to look like. Think about how you create your masterpiece, and how your masterpiece is different than everyone else’s.

What are the similarities? What are the things that stand out to you? What trends do you see in the way that people build their sundaes? Their desserts? Now, think about how this relates to your brand. If you had an opportunity to ask each and every one of your potential future customers what they wanted on your product, what would they want to see? What would they tell you? This is brand positioning, understanding what your customers want and then being able to communicate the value of what you have to those customers in their terms and their language. This is the healthy foundation that you build your brand on, and if you get this wrong, it can be a disaster and even bankruptcy. 

You’ve probably heard me say that over 80% of brands fail within the first year. This is one of the main reasons. In this podcast episode, you’re going to hear Suzie say that 80 to 90% of innovation fails within the first year. Innovation is your product, anything new that you’re going to put on the market. Sometimes it’s your entire brand. Your brand positioning identifies the target that you’re shooting for and, obviously, there’s no way to hit a target that you don’t aim for. That’s why this is so critically important. You cannot skip this step and you cannot skip over it or even just pay lip service to it. You’ve got to take the time to do the research and understand what your core customers want, and what your future shoppers will buy.

What you’re going to love about this particular episode is that you’re going to hear how when you get this right, your sales literally explode. You’re going to hear about a brand that identified a niche that appeals to so many different customers and how they’re struggling to keep up with the volume. Now, the good news is because they had their brand positioning lined up and because they had the solid foundation to build their brand on, now they can focus on new product innovation. They can focus on where they want to go next and what’s important to them. What new kind of products they want to come out with, et cetera. This is the advantage of having a solid brand position and this is why this matters, and if you want to grow your brand successfully, no matter what the product is, this is what you need to do. 

This is exactly why I created my free Turnkey Sales Story Strategies Course – to help you position your brand for explosive growth. It’s the foundation you need to grow a healthy brand on.

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