Your brand is a persona of your company and all that includes. Shoppers appreciate authentic brands that align with their values. Your brand is a culmination of the leadership decisions and choices that the company makes, of the people within the brand. 

In today’s show, we’re going to talk about how your brand and your company culture are one and the same. This is a concept I’ve been talking about a lot. One of the primary focuses of this podcast is to help you sell more or help you leverage the unique value of shopper that buys your brand and we talk a lot about transparency and we talk a lot about how your customer, the customer that you drive into a retail store, is far more valuable than the slotting and the other fees that retailers charge you. This is because that customer aligns with your mission and aligns with your brand. In this podcast episode, we’re going to talk a lot about how your culture and your brand are one and the same. Today’s guests are going to talk about a concept that they use called the Fishbowl Effect, where everyone is watching. Talk about ultimate transparency. The reason this matters is because people are paying attention to your brand. 

If you want those customers to know, like and trust you, then you’ve got to be authentic. You’ve got to be completely transparent. That means that everyone on your team has got to personify what you stand for as a brand and that begins with your culture. As you’ll hear today, this is the new ways of branding. In other words, instead of brands telling us who they are or who they want us to believe they are, these are brands where both their mouth and their feet are moving in the same direction. That level of authenticity that customers gravitate to. Think about it this way. If a brand has ingredients in it you don’t trust, you’re going to stay away from that brand while at the same time, if you’re not authentically representing who you are to the customer. Well, customers are going to figure that out. They’re going to know. 

And as a result, they’re going to make choices whether or not to choose your brand or not choose your brand based upon how much they can trust you. How authentic you are. How well you go out of your way to communicate those values, your company culture. Now we’re talking about the brand. We’re not just talking about the brand itself. We’re talking about the branding of everyone within the company, the company culture. Put another way, your brand is a culmination of the leadership decisions that the brand makes, of the people within the brand. Today’s episode is going to challenge you to think a little bit differently about your brand. Today’s guests believe that a brand has a soul and you’re going to learn how to leverage that within your messaging. How you can use it to communicate more clearly to your customers, to build that know, like and trust factor.

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