The right distribution in the right stores can skyrocket your growth while trying to sell your products in the wrong stores can be fatal. It can even derail and bankrupt your brand. You need to know the difference and how to avoid this fatal mistake.

Do you want to know how to get more profitable distribution? You might be surprised to know that not all distribution is healthy for your brand. Having your brand in the wrong store can even derail and bankrupt your brand. You need to know the difference and how to avoid this fatal mistake.

As a grocery manager for Price Club (now Costco), I quickly learned about the importance of product placement and how displays could explode an item’s sales.

As a DSD chip salesman, it was all about getting my products  merchandised in the right place to drive impulse sales. A large display by the front doors or by the checkout lanes worked like magic! All I needed to do then is simply keep them full.

When I went to work for Unilever I learned about the power of distribution and it’s compounding effect. Simply put, having distribution in more stores locked in sales from more stores which quickly added up. It was all about getting your products slotted into the category schematic. It was the marketing department and their deep pockets that then drove sales using traditional promotional methods.   

This is the model you’ve been taught and it works well for brands with deep pockets, huge sales teams, and robust marketing engines. Essentially products that we think of as commodities.

This model, however, does not work as well for niche items and specialty items with small marketing budgets. Chasing after distribution that does not align with your core customer can be fatal to your brand.

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