Do you want to blend into all of the other brands in your category or do you want to stand out on a crowded shelf?  If you don’t want get overlooked in the endless sea of me-too brands. 

There is a lot of noise from well-meaning experts telling you what to do and how to do it. The problem is that they are sharing what worked yesterday – not what you need to be successful tomorrow and beyond. If you want to know how to become a multi-billion dollar brand and category leader, then you should not get your advice from someone without that level of experience. You need street smarts, not a lot of theory and subjective antidotes. 

Your business strategy needs to be as innovative as your brand. Anything less and you’ll be constantly swimming against the current.

Retailers want and need brands willing and able to help them drive profitable category sales, increase shopper foot traffic, and convert occasional customers into loyal evangelists. Big brands rely on the advanced strategies championed by category management experts. 

Category Management is the great equalizer between big and small brands. It is also one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in the natural channel. 

Category Management includes the advanced strategies required to make it easier for customers to find your products where they shop.  It includes effective merchandising, increased distribution, maximizing your promotional effectiveness, reducing wasteful trade spending and differentiating your brand at retail.  Effective Category Management gives you more runway from your funding, growing sustainable sales in any economy, reducing and even eliminate out-of-stocks, helps you stand out on a crowded shelf and develop a loyal committed community around your brand, and much much more.

It can level the playing field, giving you a substantial significant competitive advantage. More importantly, it can help you save valuable time and money. This is why big brands rely so heavily on category management. It’s proven itself repeatedly to be the best sales driver for brands and retailers.  

This is the most important skill every brand, retailer, and entrepreneur needs in their tool-box.

“If you want to play at the level of the big brands, 

you need to BE at their level”


Traditional category management relies heavily on canned topline reports and templates. While these are a great starting place for any analysis, they are NOT enough to help differentiate you from your competition. Most of these strategies lack creativity and rely heavily on what I call “push button category management.” 

I coined the term “True Category Management” many years ago to help brands like yours take this to the next level and beyond. I’ve spent my career pushing big brands around effectively beating them at their game because I focus on what really matters – the customer. Nothing happens until someone buys something and shoppers can’t buy your products if they can’t find them.

True category management focuses on the basics – what retailers REALLY need from you and your brand. It then overlays those strategies to help you help your retailer partner compete at the highest levels. It looks at the customer journey from the shopper’s perspective.  

True category management includes everything from, “I have an idea”, all the way through to how the customer uses your products AFTER they take them home. Each and every step of the customer journey is important. Brands that overlook any single step along this path are at a competitive disadvantage. Don’t be that brand that neglects the importance of having a solid customer-centric strategy that for each step.   

Retailers and brands spend most of their energy trying to get us to buy the stuff on their shelves as opposed to selling us what we want to buy. This is where you come in. Like the ripple in the pond, true category management focuses on what shoppers want both in traditional brick-and-mortar and online retail.   

I believe that every brand needs to captain their own ship. Brands need to commit to the advanced strategies found in TRUE CATEGORY MANAGEMENT – THE ROADMAP TO SALES SUCCESS. It can add rocket fuel to your growth.

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