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Are you tired of feeling like an ATM machine? Stop throwing money away! Most brands do not make this a priority. That is a huge mistake that can be catastrophic. Learn how to use this Cool Promotion Analysis Tool below to maximize your trade marketing ROI!

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This FREE Trade Promotion ROI Calculator Tool Will Help You:

✅  Measure the Return On Investment from your promotions

✅  Analyze your promotions to eliminate wasted spending

✅  Identify opportunities to increase sustainable sales and profits

✅  Maximize your sales lift from a promotion

✅  Evaluate your competitor’s promotional effectiveness

✅  Leverage those insights to gain a significant competitive advantage 

✅  Help your retail partners drive sustainable category growth

✅  Evaluate different promotional scenarios to optimize your event

✅  Compare pre-promotion scenarios to actual promotion results 

✅  Improve your planning and forecasting accuracy

✅  Direct resources to support and amplify promotional efficiency  

✅  Schedule and budget promotions 

✅  Maximize your trade marketing ROI

Looking for ways to cut excessive costs?

What if there was a tool that specifically identified your key opportunities to eliminate wasted promotional spending? 

Brands are looking for ways to cut excessive costs while also looking for creative ways to explode sales during these uncertain times. Traditional strategies will only hamstring your brand and undercut your growth strategy.

What if there were a better way? Well, now there is! 

All brands struggle with accurately measuring promotions, even big brands. There are simple things you can do that can make huge impacts in your promotional effectiveness. It all begins with knowing how to accurately calculate the impact of each promotion type.  Accuracy Matters – Stop Wasting Money! 

Every slight improvement means more runway for sales growth, higher brand valuations, better terms when negotiating with investors and retailers, fuel for more innovation, greater support for mission-based causes, and more.

What is trade marketing and what are the benefits of trade marketing? 

What you need to know!    Proven Strategies To Maximize Your Trade Marketing ROI


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