In the episode, I share real-life retail horror stories from my past, things that I’ve seen with the brands that I’ve worked with and the brands that I’ve worked for. I’ve seen the same issues with countless other brands as well – especially with small brands. Hopefully, you can relate. This is not only to show you that the problems exist with big brands, but I also wanted to share with you suggestions and steps the brands could have taken to help avoid some of those problems.  The goal here is to help you learn from and hopefully avoid the same missteps.  You, the brand, are responsible for every part of the sales process.  As the brand, it is your job to keep every shelf full and to make it possible for consumers to find and buy your products at every store they shop.

The simple reality is that consumers are not going to blame the night stocking person because they didn’t get the product on the shelf, or the truck driver that got stuck in the snow, or the ingredient supplier that perhaps wasn’t able to meet your last-minute demands for ingredients. The point here is simple. Brands need to take complete responsibility for their products including the sales, distribution, merchandising, marketing, inventory levels, etc.

Consumers don’t want excuses. What they want is your product, and if they can’t find your product, then they’re going to choose another brand. Think of it this way. You’ve worked really hard to come up with an amazing product. You’ve put a lot of love and invested a lot of time, along with your of blood, sweat, and tears into crafting the products you sell. You have an opportunity to get it on the shelf but when your consumers cannot find your product, you give them an opportunity to choose the competition.

You’ve probably heard me say time and time again that you never get a second chance to disappoint a consumer. Remember, this show is about you and for you. These are stories and strategies that you can use to help get your product on the shelf and in the hands of more consumers.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Share your thoughts and issues you have on my website.  Let me know how I can help you succeed.

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