I’d like you to please help me support all the brands that were impacted by Expo West being canceled. We need to rally behind them and help them rise from the ashes. What advice and encouragement do you have to support & bring our industry together?



Hello and thank you for joining us today. This is the Brand Secrets and Strategies Podcast #173

Welcome to the Brand Secrets and Strategies podcast where the focus is on empowering brands and raising the bar.

I’m your host Dan Lohman. This weekly show is dedicated to getting your brand on the shelf and keeping it there.

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Have you ever wished you knew how to future proof your brand in challenging times? If so, your in the right place

I’ve been hearing brand worry about things that are out of their control like the potential disruption of shoppers buying their brands due to the uncertainty in the world today. While there are a lot of things to be aware of, they need to

Let's face it retail is expensive, it's pay to play. Small disruptive brands are at a significant competitive disadvantage. Over 80% of natural brands fail within the first year - I'm committed to change it. This requires that you adopt strategies that differentiate your brand and give you a significant competitive advantage. This requires that you stay away from the cookie-cutter strategies your competitors rely on.

Everything is negotiable, especially in this industry. What retailers want more than anything are loyal committed shoppers that return time and time again, more customers in their stores, a competitive advantage in their market, and a reasonable profit. Any brand that can help retailers achieve this can leverage it to get better shelf placement, more promotional support, and better merchandising. Retailers what and need your help to stand out in their market.

Savvy retailers already know how well your brand is performing on their shelves. What they need are insights, actionable insights, that they don't get from your competitors. This begins with your go-to-market strategy.

You need strategies others overlook or are not aware of. I continually hear brands say that their broker, agency, or distributor handles their category management needs. That’s not enough to differentiate you brand from other brands they represent. This is not a nock on them, it just they use cookie cutter strategies to be efficient. Let me explain.

What can man was started, what it accomplished,

A talented category management expert is worth their weight in gold.

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Remember the goal here is to get your products onto more store shelves and into the hands of more shoppers - including online.

You truly are limited by your imagination when it comes to unique and disruptive strategies to leverage your packaging to help drive traffic to your brand and to your retail partners. It all begins with giving shoppers what they want making it easy for them to get excited about your brand and what you stand for.

I’ll include links to all packaging related content on the podcast webpage and in the show notes.

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