The key to every brand’s success is getting it found on retailers shelves. Shoppers can’t buy your products if they can’t find them. This can be a very expensive and difficult, especially for new brands. Today’s episode is about simplifying this.

When you launch your brand, there’s a tried-and-true way of getting your brand in front of retailers. The challenge is, it’s kind of an old-style way of doing it. Let me explain. Plan A for most brands, is you go to every trade show you possibly can. You buy a booth, you have a lot of your people to show up to man the booth, you have a lot of product ready to go so that you can give it away to delight whoever stops by. And your hope is that a retailer, an enthusiastic retailer that loves your product, is gonna magically show up at your booth ready to purchase your product.

The reality is, you’ve got a lot of people coming by your booth. Very few are really, truly interested or are in a position where they can buy your product. They love your samples, and they pay you a lot of compliments. But at the end of the day, are you able to connect with retailers? Let’s face it. The whole point of a trade show is to get your product in front of retailers, to meet with them one to one, and hopefully get them to buy your product and put your product on their store shelves.

But who am I to tell you this? Well, I’ve been in your shoes. Throughout my career, I’ve gone to countless trade shows in a variety of different cities. I’ve pre-ordered the product to show up when I needed it. I’ve begged my coworkers to come help me at the trade show to man the booth with me. I’ve tried to set up meetings with retailers in hopes that they would show up.

I wonder how many people listening to this podcast take the time to identify what it really costs to set up a booth and to man the booth for every trade show. I bet you’d be shocked. Big question is, what is your return investment? How much product did you sell for what you just spent? How many purchase orders do you need to have to offset the cost of the show? What kind of follow-up is required? And what is the future opportunity for you to work with that retailer? These are all important considerations that every brand needs to think about before they book a single booth.

Now, what if I told you that there might be a better solution, that there might be a better way for you to have an engaged conversation with a variety of retailers. Dedicated time, where you have one on one opportunities to sell to them without distraction. That’s the focus of this episode today.

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