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I continually say that this show is about you and it’s for you. That means always looking for talented people who have a message to share. Talented people that can offer you the support and the help and the insights that you need to answer some of your most pressing questions.

Today’s episode is just that. Today’s guest was introduced to me by Andrew Therrien. He was my guest during episode 23. Thanks Andrew, I really appreciate your reaching out and introducing me to Bobby Umar. Before reaching out to Bobby, I took the time to learn a little bit more about him. He’s a gifted speaker with a message that all of you can resonate with; how to build a personal brand story and how to communicate it effectively. I listened to his Ted Talks and checked him out online, reading some of his content. Bobby is the perfect person to bring to you today to talk to you about how to build an effective selling story, how to communicate the value of your brand throughout your entire sales organization to the retailers, and more importantly, to your current and future loyal customers.

I mentioned that I had a lot of real exciting things coming up this year. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to learn about something that I’m doing that’s going to help you amplify what you hear today, to help you get in front of more customers, and to help you better communicate with investors and retailers, why your brand is the brand they need on the shelf and the brand that they need to get behind.

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