The CMA (Category Management Association) asked me to produce a four part webinar series to highlight the differences between the mainstream shopper and the natural organic shopper.  This podcast is the live recording of the webinar.  I thought you might enjoy learning more about the differences along with strategies retailers can use to better meet their needs. I am including a link to the show notes and on this episode’s webpage on my website at the link below.

Natural product brand sales will continue to grow at mainstream retailers. This will benefit us all as it makes our healthy way of life more accessible and affordable. Natural has an advantage because they remain close to their loyal customers.

Mainstream brands and retailers have been working for years to attract the committed natural organic shopper. They struggle to effectively attract these unique consumers by applying the same strategies they use with every other shopper, low prices and big promotions. These tactics are largely ineffective with the committed natural shopper.

There is a night and day difference between the core committed natural organic shoppers and traditional shoppers. They diligently read labels and they know and understand, typically better than the retailers, how a product will meet their nutritional needs. They believe that “you are what you eat and that what you eat matters”. They want to know how the product was produced, where the ingredients came from, how transparent and authentic is the brand and much much more.

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