Getting your brand on retailers shelves & into the hands of shoppers was the underlying focus of every talk at Expo West. It was echoed by retailers, industry thought leaders & shared by every brand- the reason for my TURNKEY SALES STORY STRATEGIES course.

Today’s show is about getting your brand on retailers’ shelves. Before I get into this, I’d like to do a quick recap on Expo. Expo this year was fantastic. I had an opportunity to talk to a lot of listeners as well as see a lot of brands and a lot of friends. The reason I was at Expo, the primary reason is because I was asked to be, I was honored to be asked to be a mentor for the Pitch-Slam. I was on the selection committee that chose the eight finalists. The brand that I mentored this year was a company called made of. They did a phenomenal job, in my mind, a solid number two. They actually made it to the finals four.

One of the top themes throughout Expo West this year is how brands get their products on the shelves and what retailers really want and need. This was something that was echoed in many of the different sessions, many of the different leaders, different retail owners, et cetera, and that’s why the show is about this and that’s what the show is all about anyhow. In addition to that, there were a lot of incubators. Now, some of the incubators were run by large, big mainstream companies but the challenge that I would have there is that there are only a select few companies that can go through this, a select few new brands.

Last week I released my free course, Turnkey Sales Story Strategies. I’ll talk more about that later but this entire course is dedicated toward helping those brands do just that. Another key trend that I saw at Expo is what I’m going to call mentorship. Large brands wanting to take small brands under their wing and help mentor them, help guide them and help educate them on the ways to do business, on how to succeed.

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