Retailers and brands play an important role in every community. This is part of what makes natural natural. Brands are the glue that bind shoppers together and drives them into stores. Savvy retailers partner with brands focused on meeting consumer’s needs.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast, you hear me talk repeatedly about how the retailer/brand relationship should by symbiotic, how it should be a collaborative partnership. In fact, in my free course, Turnkey Sales Story Strategies, I actually challenge a myth that retailers need brands more than brands need retailers. The point being is that you’re equally important, and that you need to rely upon each other. Today’s story is about a progressive innovative retailer who knows what this means, and what it should look like. Today’s story is about a retailer that celebrates the brands that they sell, that realizes that those brands are helping to drive traffic in their stores, that realizes that the community, that relationship that they have with those brands gives them their core strength, and their competitive advantage.

Today’s story is about Lucky’s Market, an innovative retailer that’s learned how to embrace the brands that are on their shelves. What do I mean by this? Unfortunately, a lot of large retailers look at small brands as an ATM machine. Brands act as the glue that binds your customers together, that brings your customers into the store, and that keep your customers from shopping the competition. Today’s story is about Lucky’s Market, and how they leverage that relationship with their brands to drive sales across every category. Today’s story also includes the commitment that Lucky’s has made to the brands on their shelves to help them succeed, realizing that if those brands succeed, they succeed.

I met today’s guest at an Expo West panel event where retailers were telling the audience what they want and what they need from the brands that are on their shelves, what they needed was for brands to step up. They need brands to provide insights, actionable insights, not canned top line reports, but actual insights.  Who shops their product, why they shop their product, when they shop their product, what do they buy, et cetera. Savvy retailers want and need brands to step up and help them be successful in their market. In return, savvy retailers will bend over backwards to help those brands stand out on a crowded shelf and help them grow.

I’m frequently asked what makes natural natural? Well, this is a big part of it. A community of brands and retailers working harmoniously together, working in union to put the customer first. After all, that’s what we’re all here for.

I’d like to introduce you to Ben Friedland, the VP of Marketing at Lucky’s Market.

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