Effective brand messaging is critical to the success of every brand. Shoppers can’t buy products they don’t know about. A blend of strategies used by iconic brands with the creative grassroots tactics and proper funding can accelerate your brands growth.

I appreciate your listening, your feedback, and your continued support. This show is about you and it’s for you. If you like the show, share it with a friend, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes. Today’s story is a little bit different. We talk about the intersection between big brands and small brands, and we talk a lot about the finance issues that brands are in into. Let’s face it, retail is a contact sport and it requires a lot of capital. On today’s episode, we talk about how to extend your runway, how to get more out of the capital that you have, how to satisfy investors while staying true to your mission and why that’s important. We also talk about strategies to get your brand in the hands of more consumers by creative strategies that will help amplify your voice with shoppers and in the market you compete in.

All brands have a similar challenge when it comes to getting your product on retailer shelves and in the hands of more shoppers. Small natural brands need to be more nimble, and they need to be more creative. They need to leverage their tools and the resources they have available to them to build a loyal evangelistic following, and to develop a go-to market strategy, which includes selling online as well as in retail. 

More importantly, brands that can leverage your selling story in all these strategies are the ones that are going to be successful. In this episode, we talk about how brands need to leverage their story with their customer, and how using the right experts including an agency can help amplify your voice. My guest today is John Grubb, formerly of SRG, Sterling-Rice Group.

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