Nothing happens until someone buys your product. Getting your brand on more store shelves and into the hands of shoppers is critical to your success. This requires a dedicated sales team all working in unison. Learn key strategies to maximize sales.

How do you maximize each and every selling opportunity? I’m just back from Expo West where this was a subject that I was asked about a lot, especially by new and emerging brands. Your entire sales team needs to be in lockstep and they need to communicate your selling story with a unified and consistent voice. This includes both your internal and external sales team. Several years ago I wrote an article about maximizing broker effectiveness. It led to me being a regular New Hope and Whole Foods Magazine contributor, speaker at the Natural Products Expo and many other events. With over 400 articles published in almost all of the leading trade publications, my popular podcasts, weekly newsletter, online mini-courses, and free resources have become an invaluable resource for brands and retailers seeking to grow sales and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

This is a topic I focus on a lot. The reason for this is that I get asked a lot about this topic when I mentor and work with brands, including on our recent episode of the Brand Secrets and Strategies Podcasts Secrets 89, The Importance Of Having A Solid Digital Brand Selling Story with Madeline Hayden of Nutpods. You’re told you need a broker, but do you really know how to work with them to get the best results for your brand?

In that article, I focused on leveraging your broker as an extension of your sales team and then holding them accountable for achieving results, same as you would any employee. When I started in this industry decades ago, large brands had a direct sales force. They did everything to drive sales, including all merchandising, sales calls, category management, demos, etc. This is very expensive, so many of those brands adopted a blended model where the brands made the key sales calls and the broker handled the merchandising. In many cases today, brokers do just about everything for the brand they represent. I continually hear from brands about the love-hate relationship that they have with their brokers. Most of these issues are due to a lack of clear communication and expectations from the brand. This podcast is about helping you maximize that relationship with your broker to help you get more out of that relationship to help you grow sales. 

Most brands really don’t understand what the broker can do for them.  Unfortunately some brokers over promise. This is why having clear and well-defined guidelines and boundaries make so much sense. Let me explain why. The brands that have the most difficulty with brokers essentially hand their keys over to them, expecting the broker to work miracles on their behalf. They are then disappointed when their expectations are not met, when in fact those expectations are unrealistic and not well-defined. Brokers represent a lot of brands, not just yours.  Like any profession, there are good and bad brokers just like there are good and bad consultants, doctors, mechanics, and so on. For this reason, I believe that every brand needs to remain firmly in charge of their brand strategy and remain the captain of their own ship. Think about it. You’ve worked hard to build a product that consumers love. Your passion, your enthusiasm, and your dedication have propelled your success thus far. The best path forward is to have everyone on your sales team share your passion, your enthusiasm, and your commitment in the same voice as the founder. I am a firm believer that every brand needs to remain fully engaged in their success and every aspect of their sales strategy. 

You’ve poured everything you have into an amazing product, right? Why wouldn’t you put the same love and attention into getting your products into more retail shelves and into the hands of more shoppers? Shouldn’t you apply the same love of creativity and passion to your selling strategy? Brands need to have simple solutions to maximize broker effectiveness and accelerate sales growth.

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