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Energizing audiences with actionable ideas and strategies that matter – solutions participants can easily adopt and fully implement to drive sustainable sales.  Each presentation is customized to meet your event’s objectives including trade shows, networking events, workshops, webinars or conferences.

If you would like me to speak at your upcoming industry meeting, please send details to: Dan@CMS4CPG.com

Presentation Topics:

   Merchandising strategies that help you stand out on the crowded shelf

   Category Management for entrepreneurial brands and retailers

   Growing sales with natural organic

   How to future proof your brand

   Save valuable time and money with creative problem solving strategies that grow sales

   Make better decisions using actionable insights

   Custom topics to meet your specific needs

I am the first person certified at the highest level of Category Management Proficiency – Certified Professional Strategic Advisor (CPSA)


Helping Brands Learn How To:

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   Gain a significant competitive advantage while boosting sales and profits

   Understand the advanced business strategies and insider secrets the big brands use

   Achieve and exceed your goals and objectives with scorecards

   Identify key opportunities to expand your distribution

   Improve your merchandising to build a healthy foundation to grow your brand

   Leverage KPI’s to benchmark and measure your success

   Grow your brand across multiple channels in any economy

   Avoid common pitfalls when planning your merchandising strategy while avoiding out-of-stocks

   Maximize your relationship with your brokers, distributors, and retailers

   Help retailers increase shopper traffic and drive profitable sales more effectively

   Understand the critical components and impact of a successful promotion

   Eliminate wasted spending and stop allowing your brand to be treated like an ATM machine

   Maximize best practice retail strategies and become a category leader

   Create a compelling selling story that will get your brand on the shelf and keep it there

   Make sense of all the data to increase your ROI

   Understand the importance of fact-based selling and go beyond standard canned topline reports

   Capitalize on actionable insights and strategic solutions to grow your brand

                    Maximize Your Trade Spending

                    Stop Throwing Money Away!   

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$244 Billion was spent on promotions in 2017 earning a meager 2.4% sales increase. Don’t be another statistic

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Future Events

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How To Protect Your Cashflow From Frivolous Deductions – FREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

The Complete Retail Solved Blueprint to Confidently Grow and Scale your natural food and beverage brand. Become a Beloved Brand!

Every brand hates managing deductions. They are one of the biggest costs brands get saddled with. Not all are valid and reconciling them can waste a tremendous amount of time. There is a better way and it begins with managing them even before they occur. 

Most brands are reactive and not proactive. Maximizing your trade promotion ROI includes managing all the costs that can derail and bankrupt your brand. A critical component of every well thought out marketing strategy is execution. 

8/21/2020 9AM MST  (11 EST)    
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4 Points To Building And Scaling A Brand In The Era Of Covid – FREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

Featuring Kevin Webber & Patrick Webber & Jeff Kingsbury,  Fourpoints®Bar & Basecamp Co-Pack

The Retail Solved Blueprint for bands trying to navigate the new retail landscape. Our food system is broken and traditional retailers no longer have all the power. COVID has exposed major inequities and failings in the way retailers work with, support, and promote small natural brands. This ignores what matters most – their customers. 

Shoppers have unlimited choices where they spend their hard-earned money. The WILL continue to buy the products they want – even if they are not available at their local store.   

The best defense against any virus is a healthy diet and that begins with natural brands – not the heavily processed commoditized brands of yesteryear. The undeniable fact is that natural brands are driving all sustainable sales across every category. 

Natural brands had a competitive disadvantage prior to COVID and things are even more challenging today which is forcing natural brands to migrate to online stores.

8/14/2020 9AM MST  (11 EST)    
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Past Events

An Effective Trade Promotion Strategy Begins With A Solid Business PlanFREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

Featuring Michael J. O’Donnell, The Belmullet Food and Beverage Group

Brand success in the era of Covid requires creative strategies that did not exist pre-pandemic. Traditional tactics won’t work. 

Retailers delisting natural brands without deep pockets making it more difficult for your shoppers to find and buy your products. There is a better way!

Every brand struggles to grow sales with effective promotions. Rinse-and-repeat is not an effective strategy and yet most brands rely on it. This is their Achilles heel. Natural brands are at a significant competitive disadvantage. There is a better way to confidently grow and scale your brand and it begins with a solid business plan that includes a robust trade promotion strategy. Learn how this can add rocket fuel to your growth.

8/7/2020 9AM MST  (11 EST)  Click Here To Watch The Replay!

Thinking Beyond Equity – Alternative Funding Solutions That Will Help You Weather The Storm – FREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

Featuring Jessica Bates, Dwight Funding
Growing brands occasionally need quick infusions of cash to support incremental opportunities to grow and scale. That includes gaining distribution at prominent retailers, new product innovation, and much more. It takes time to raise money through traditional channels and other funding methods sometimes require you to jump through a lot of hoops. These bottlenecks can make it difficult to get the funding you 1need on a timely basis. There is a better way. Having a strategic partner who can provide guidance and support can help you take your brand to the next level.

7/31/2020 9AM MST  (11 EST) Click Here To Watch The Replay!

Foolproof Promotion Strategies To Confidently Grow And Scale Your Brand – FREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

Future customers first learn about your brand through promotions. Promotions that do not increase sales are a waste of money. Trade marketing encompasses everything required to get your products into shoppers’ hands. $224 Billion was spent on promotions in 2017 which drove only a 2.4% increase in sales. Traditional strategies will only hamstring your brand and undercut your growth strategy. Every improvement equals more sales and profits. Maximizing trade effectiveness combined with digital strategies is the best way to get your products onto more retailers shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.

7/24/2020 9AM MST  (11 EST)  Click Here To Watch The Replay!

How To Explode Brand Sales With The Right Strategic Investor – FREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

Featuring Stu Strumwasser, Green Circle Capital Partners LLC
Partnering with the right investor can explode sales and profits but not all investors are equal. Choosing the right strategic investor is critical to your longterm success. It should be a collaborative partnership that aligns with the customers who buy your products. A huge bonus for the brand is partnering with advisors that can provide proven resources and strategies beyond what the brand could afford on their own. This is the ideal investor relationship that every brand should work toward.

Conversely, choosing the wrong investor that is more focused on their topline growth can derail and even sabotage your future. Learn the difference and why this matters.

7/17/2020 9AM MST  (11 EST)  Click Here To Watch The Replay!

How To Explode Sales During A Pandemic – FREE webinar

Dan Lohman, CPSA Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor, Brand Secrets And Strategies

Featuring Adam Hertel, Summit Sales Consulting
As we all adjust to the new normal, brands are looking for a secret weapon to help give them an edge. The competitive landscape has changed dramatically leaving many brands and retailers struggling to remain relevant. Consumers are getting comfortable with online shopping making it more difficult for brands to get discovered. Throwing more money at promotions is not sustainable and cookie-cutter strategies no longer help. What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to level up your go-to-market stra