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Listed below are many of the challenges that brands routinely share with me. Let’s face it.  We all have our strengths.  But sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. If you want success, you must be willing to not only admit this, but do the research and surround yourself with those who can actually help you achieve your goals. I’m here to help you cut through the noise and get you results you can take to the bank! 

If any of these below sound familiar, you are not alone and you are in the right place! 


  • Are you struggling to get your products on retailer’s shelves, meet with retailers or get into the big retailers?

  • Do retailer category review schedules restrict or limit your innovation or new item launches?

  • Do retailers complain about out-of-stocks or excessive back-stock? 

  • Do retailers merchandise your products in the wrong place?

  • How do you prepare for a successful retailer buyer presentation?

  • What other products do your customers purchase when they buy your products and why does this matter?

  • Do you have a compelling sales story that stands out with retailers?  

  • What outstanding value are you bringing to retailers?

  • Do you wish you just knew what retailers really wanted?


  • Are you tired of feeling like an ATM?

  • Do you spend a significant amount of your time raising capital instead of growing your brand? 

  • What are your 5-year objectives — do you want to be bought out or are you not for sale?


  • Are you tired of being forced into promotions that waste money with no results? 

  • Are you plagued with deductions, slotting and excessive fees?

  • Do you question whether demos or trade shows are the best return on your investment? 


  • Do you know how to identify incremental opportunities and increase sustainable sales? 

  • Do you know whether online sales first before going into brick and mortar retail stores or launching your new product in both makes better sense for you?

  • Do you understand how to become a category leader and why this matters?

  • If a big retailer wanted your brand, can you scale to fulfill their need without jeopardizing existing orders?  

  • If you are using a broker, are you communicating your expectations, providing scorecards and scheduling on-going review sessions with them?

  • Do you want better results from your sales team, broker, distributor?

  • Do you want to save valuable time and money and avoid the pitfalls that other brands have made?

  • Do you want to know the strategies that the big brands use?


  • Do you know if you have the right distribution to grow and the right assortment that attracts shoppers?

  • Is your inventory forecasting accurate and efficient?

  • Do you know how to stand out on a crowded shelf?

  • Can shoppers easily find your products in their favorite store?


  • Is your pricing strategy weak, ineffective, or nonexistent?

  • Are your margins thin and unsustainable?

  • Do retailers, brokers, or distributors complain that your prices are too high?


  • Do you understand the value of using eco-friendly packaging?

  • Does the time required to get new packaging derail your sales?

  • When you need to implement changes, do wish there was a better and more timely packaging solution?


  • Do you know what specific data you should buy?

  • Do you know how to identify and work with the common data errors, inaccuracies and discrepancies?

  • Does the sales data confuse, intimidate or frustrate you?

  • Is your sales analyst, broker or category manager only pulling the standard top line canned reports?

  • Do your top line canned reports tell a compelling story and provide actual actionable insights that the retailers really want?

  • Do you understand the benefits and competitive advantage of customized reports and true category management?

  • Do you know how to leverage the sales data to really wow retailers? 


  • Is your brand community focused or mission-based and does your message extend beyond the four corners of your package?

  • Do shoppers understand the value of your brand over the competition?

  • How do you turn your customers into brand evangelists?

  • Do you have the right platform in place to ensure that your brand message is current and consistent throughout your sales force and across social media?

Take heart. There is a better way.  Click here and print out these questions.  Review them with your team. 

Knowing the answers, investing in your brand and building a strong foundation will give you not only a better chance of success, but a significant competitive advantage.  

My mission is simple – to empower brands. I am a Certified Professional Strategic Advisor with decades of CPG category management experience.  I’ve been helping natural organic brands and retailers find solutions to these questions for many years and I can help you. 

Listed below is your roadmap to success. 

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“There is no specific training in the natural industry that addresses the common challenges most brands face, including at any of the business schools, seminars, incubators or accelerators.” 

“While there are many well-meaning individuals with advice, the sad truth is more than 80% of start-up brands in our industry fail within their first year.”

I am committed to changing this.

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