Your brand’s packaging needs to work hard and it should sell itself. Personalize your brand with your packaging. It should align with your mission and it should be compostable. Wouldn’t it be great if it could also help pay for itself? Learn how!

Packaging is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. This is one of the biggest pain points that most brands share with me.

You work really hard to create a product that’s aligned with a great mission.  Your packaging needs to align with that same mission. 

In this podcast, you’re going to hear Kelly talk about what he calls a fool’s errand. What he means by this is that when you put a product, a package into a recycle bin, most often, it just ends up in the landfill. You’re going to learn more about that in a little bit so stay tuned.

The reason that Kelly and I chose to do another podcast and another mini-course is to help answer many of the questions that we received at Expo West.

These are the specific pain points people shared with us that were not included in podcast episode 116, The Shocking Truth About Sustainable Packaging: Strategies to Save Time, Money, and Grow Sales.  Basically, what all Expo West exhibitors and natural brands need to know.

I’ll put a link to that podcast episode as well as the free mini-course that we’ve put together in the podcast show notes and on the podcast webpage.

The name of that free mini-course is “Earth Digestible Print On Demand Packaging Solutions.” You’re going to want to check it out. In that course, we talk about what earth digestible packaging actually means as well as strategies that you can use to gain sustainable sales and compete more effectively in any category. 

This podcast episode is a snippet of the new course that we just created, “The Secret Compostable Strategy Your Brand Needs to Know: Strategies to Grow Sales with Earth Digestible Printer Demand Packaging as a Profit Center.”

Yes, you heard me correct. A strategy to leverage your packaging as a PROFIT CENTER to help you get your product on more store shelves and into the hands of more shoppers. This is something that we discuss in depth in the free mini-course, over and above what’s included in this podcast.

You will learn many helpful strategies including how to use your packaging to reduce your trade spending and maximize your trade marketing ROI, how to personalize each item, how to customize your packaging for a specific event, and how to turn your packaging into a profit center.

We also talk about what small brands need to be thinking about when they think about packaging. Spoiler alert. You’re probably thinking about packaging in the wrong way and changing your thinking about packaging can help you compete more effectively to leverage this new technology to grow sales and differentiate your brand on a retailer’s shelf.

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