There is an easy way and a hard way to do just about anything. Growing a brand takes hard work but it does not need to be difficult. Over 80% of natural brands fail within their first year. This is usually a result of not having a solid well thought-out business strategy and poor execution at retail.

Your brand strategy should be every bit as innovative as the ingredients in your package. Your brand's strategy needs to include a compelling selling story that resonates with everyone responsible for getting your products on retailer shelves – including online stores. It includes your sales team, brokers, distributors, agencies, and retailers.

Your brand strategy can and must include every shopper touch point including merchandising, distribution, pricing, marketing, and much more. 

True Category Management is the great equalizer between big and small brands. It can save you valuable time and money, help you avoid the landmines and bottlenecks that can derail and even bankrupt your brand, and it can exponentially explode your growth. True Category Management adds rocket fuel to your brand strategy. 

I work with, and speak with a lot of brands who all seem to struggle with the same issues and challenges. Very few business challenges are radically different from one brand to the next. There are a lot of similarities between them. This is a good thing because you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” each and every time your business hits a snag. 

There are lot of great resources available to brands. It's important to find strategies and solutions that align with your brand goals.  What I want to caution you about are those cookie cutter resources that do not have a proven track record. They will not differentiate your brand from the competition and they will not give you a significant competitive advantage. 

There is a lot of noise out there and many “experts”.  While I believe that most forms of education can be useful, it's far to easy to go down rabbit holes and experience information overload.  Can you relate?

I remain passionate about our natural industry and continue to strive to cut through all the noise for you and provide exceptional value to our brands and retailers.  With over 25 years in this industry, my main focus has shifted to helping you identify the best strategies to get your product on more store shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.

The Essential New Item Checklist – The Recipe For Success

New product innovation is the lifeblood of every brand. New products fuel sustainable growth, attracts new shoppers and increases brand awareness. Know the critical steps to get your product on more retailer’s shelves and into the hands of more shoppers.

Empowering Brands | Raising The Bar

Ever wish you just had a roadmap?  Well now you do!

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